For Dreamers

And her heart desired it so much that the universe conspired and Ann.tique was founded in 2017…..
An ardent vintage enthusiast, Ann had been collecting eclectic pieces that appealed to her senses for over fifteen years….
Ann.tique was conceptualised when Ann started an Instagram account to share her vintage finds with the world and subsequently was requested by a subscriber if she could get help in finding some specific vintage pieces. Thus Ann started scouring local stores for vintage inspired clothing with the intent of sharing these strings of yore upon which travel the finest emotions of past times with other old souls like herself….

In time, the store pride’s as a premium boutique that curates nostalgic clothing handpicked by Ann from local/ original design houses. Every piece enshrines romantic women’s apparel glorified in a timeless classic. The store reinterprets vintage fashion to the modern day lifestyle at affordable prices with exceptional quality and attention to detail.
Ann.tiques’ wish for every patron is that you discover your own unique style and create your dream wardrobe….. embrace the old soul in you with a young heart…..